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Jupiter Ascending? More like Jupiter AWE-scending!


I need to post here more. Err, I need to post here at all, mostly. Ahem. This post is a jumbled mash about how much I love Jupiter Ascending, so if you don’t want to read about that, I suggest you skip, maybe?

I don’t usually write reviews, and by now, I’m probably not saying anything that hasn’t been said elsewhere… but my sweetheart enabled me to write this, because she sincerely wanted to know what I thought about this film beyond keysmashing, squealing, and helpless flailing.

I have not had this much fun watching a film in a long, long time. Not even Big Hero 6, which gave me many feels, was generally fun, and dealt with grief well. Even Guardians of the Galaxy, which I see a lot of people comparing JA to, was a film that quickly lost its shine after deeper thought.

I just. This film has everything I never knew I always wanted. It reminds me of the Sailor Moon Yahoo Groups RPG one of my friends and I started when we were 14. And I cannot believe I either remembered that or admitted out loud to running that, so y’all know I’m serious.