The (Semi!)Official Blog of Nina Avery

About me!

I feel the need to say up-front that Nina Avery is a work-in-progress pen name, so it’s possibly subject to change. I’ve been debating what I should call myself for about a week now, and this is the first name I liked the ring of that wasn’t already like, massively in use.

Anyway! Actually about me. The rest of this post will be in third person, just because it’s easier for me.

Nina is a writer (unpublished, unpaid, SIGH) who hopes to finish her first manuscript by the end of 2015. Currently working as a retail serf to pay the bills. She lives in southern Louisiana, where, yes, there are sometimes alligators in your ditch — but not very big ones.

Quasi-antisocial fangirl with an odd sense of humor. One of those cranky feminists the Internet may have warned you about. Nina love writing about monsters, the people who hunt them, and their FEELINGS.

She likes many genres of stories, but most of her favorites are fantasy-based. Comic book reader. Anime fan, though in the last few years she’s found it difficult to stay up-to-date on many of the newest series. She has a weakness for stories featuring period clothing and fancy accents.

Nina can be found in the wilds of twitter here and tumblr here. Feel free to stop by and say hello!


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